Thursday, November 15, 2007

Not sure where the week went

Seriously, I have no idea! I can't believe, but am so thankful, that tomorrow is Friday! Not really sure what we did this week, but I am pretty sure it involved lack of sleep because I am really tired. I guess the biggest news is that Squeaker is trying to switch from two naps to one. That would be fine but isn't he too young? And, how the heck is he going to manage one nap when he is woken up constantly by his big brother. Tricky times. Maybe we need a bigger house or warmer weather so the LM can go outside and play for three months while Squeaker figures this thing out. :)

As a side note, this is the worst possible time to sell a house, so maybe a few extra prayers to send some potential home buyers our way??? Thanks!

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Melissa Haworth said...

I'm sending all the house selling vibe I can! Biscuit was down to one nap well before her first birthday (at least during the week at daycare) and she survived but I'm not sure I would if I was home with her all the time ;)