Friday, November 16, 2007

Just now mentioning it

This is not a new thing, but I am pretty sure I haven't mentioned it. My boys are wonderful and love each other and are destined to be best friends. They have forgotten how to play by themselves all of a sudden... for the most part. They prefer to be in each other's company and enjoy making the other one laugh. They share (as best a toddler and preschooler can), they play with the same toys, and they look for each other when he isn't in the same room. It is really cute! I know this won't last... and even if they continue to enjoy playing nicely together, there will be times where they need their space, but for the moment, I am seeing a glimpse of a wonderful brotherly relationship in the future.

Now, don't get me wrong, it isn't always peaches and cream. There is still the occasional pushing, biting, taking toys and running for dear life, screaming, and personal assaults just short of maiming... but for the most part, it is pleasant. Also, they aren't always playing together... for which I am thankful, because, it is much harder on me when they play together (constant vigilance, constant). Squeaker still enjoys toddling over to his book shelf, examining the queue and pulling out the book of choice, plopping on the floor and just looking through the pages, with an occasional animal sound or hand gesture to communicate his understanding of what he is reading. And, the Little Man still enjoys racing his matchbox cars, shake and go cars and racetrack, reading, and doing 'art projects', in which Squeaker most definitely is not allowed to participate.

I am so excited to see if I will look back at this post and laugh hysterically at my naivete or if I will be in awe of my foresight! I guess time will tell. :)

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Grandma West said...

HI !! This sounds so familiar. When your MOM andAunt Paula were around this age they became very close and didn't need anyone else to play with they would play togetther for hours- until someone would overstep the bounds and then the fight would begin.I guess it was mostly your MOM. Although Aunt Paula would scream and cause me to think that she was being hurt and got your MOM in trouble.