Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Three Year Old Logic

Today we were blessed with a beautiful, summer-like day. It was great. A perfect day for going outside to rake leaves, for the gabillionth time this fall! (And, yes, gabillion is an actual number. I made it up myself.) Anyway, as we were outside, and I was in the middle of raking/yelling at the Little Man for egging his brother on in his mischief, I realized that the Little Man's mind is just an amazing thing. He always has a reason for the things he says, well, mostly. (Some times when he is talking on the phone, he mumbles nonsense followed by a fake chuckle... I guess he is imitating my phone conversations-- hope I don't have a fake chuckle, but I probably do). Okay, so back to the point -- As I was saying, he does have a reason for saying the things he says. For example:

LM: Do you like race cars, Mommy?
Me: Yes, but not as much as you.
LM: Do you like jets?
Me: Never really thought about it, but I suppose I do.
LM: How about formula one jets?
Me: A formula one jet, hmmm... I have never heard of a formula one jet.
LM: Oh.
LM: But, do you like them?
Me: I don't know. What are they?
LM: They are really fast jets. Like this, "(insert sound of a jet made by a 3 yo here)".
Me: Then I guess I do. Where did you get the idea of a formula one jet?
LM: It's kinda like a formula one race car, really fast. But, formula one race cars have really big spoilers on them so they don't take off. But a formula one jet doesn't have a spoiler so it does take off. And, rockets don't have spoilers either because they take off too. You want them to take off into space. And the formula one jet can go into space like a rocket because it is so fast like a formula one car. ... and on and on and on and on.
Me: I just can't get enough talk about race cars! Thanks Buddy!
LM: You're welcome, Mom. Let's talk about stock cars!
Me: No thanks, not right now. I think I want to listen to the quiet and look out the window for a bit.
LM: Okay, but when you are done, do you want to talk about race cars?
Me: Maybe. We'll see.
LM: okay.

Anyway, that is an fine example of our conversations these days. Fun, eh!? No, really, they are fun, I enjoy them. But, we need a new topic. This one has been discussed to death!

Oh, and another cute conversation:
LM: We are going to Cramma and Crampa's house for Thanksgiving. (that is how he says Grandma and Grandpa)
GaMommy: Insert voice of Charlie Brown's teacher here - I don't know what she said, I only heard his side of the conversation.
LM: We are going to have turkey.
GM: She probably said, "do you like turkey"
LM: Yup
GM: She told me later she said, "What are you going to wear for Thanksgiving."
LM: I'm gonna look like a ragamuffin.
everyone: laughing

This was really funny, because it is so true, however, I later realized that he thinks that 'ragamuffin' is a good thing. After he took a shower this evening, I combed his hair and he looked in the mirror and after smiling at himself he said, "I look like a ragamuffin." So, I think he is a bit confused. Cute, but confused. Especially since he will undoubtedly look like a ragamuffin!!!

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