Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

This is truly going to be an exciting Christmas... all the gifts, wrapping paper, and ribbons. Hopefully the boys will sleep long and well tonight so that we can endure a day full of excitement without bursting. We had a quiet Christmas Eve before heading off to bed. After dinner and baths we put some cookies and milk for Santa, carrots out for the reindeer, wrote a letter to Santa to put in our new "Letter to Santa" holder, read "The Night Before Christmas", and opened one gift each. Squeaker was a bit fussy and took a while to go to sleep and the Little Man was a bit nervous about Santa coming. At one point he was crying (crocodile tears) that he did not want Santa to come to our house... and it wasn't that he didn't want the toys, it was that he wasn't quite sure that he wanted Santa in our house -- how cute that he was scared about that. In the end all was well and now our two little ones are nestled all snug in their beds.

Pre-Christmas Morning Photo

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Anonymous said...

Hi all !!!Merry Christmas !!!
Sounds like you are having a nice day even tho it was a chore to get there. I had a nice C!!
Christmas too Love you All. Say hello To
Grandma and Grandpa Cockrell