Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ho Ho NO!

Well, the Little Man has his heart set on one toy that Santa is going to bring (er, sure he is)... a big huge race car... which apparently is yellow. Whenever we are at the mall, he wants to see Santa. So, we do a 'drive-by'. We have done this several times, but never has he wanted to sit on Santa's lap. :( I guess that is okay, then I am not suckered into a $25 sheet that includes maybe 2 5x7s. Squeaker has added "Santa" to his verbal repertoire and loves pointing him out whenever we see a picture or a real live Santa Claus. It is truly a fun time of year... full of exciting and magical things (including our good friend Bubba).

This background info was necessary so that I could tell you about our morning. The Little Man's preschool hosted a family sing-a-long. Daddy joined us for Christmas songs and a feast of cookies (right before lunch, by the way). And, guess who else showed up -- none other than the big man himself... SANTA! The look on the faces of all those preschoolers was priceless. The Little Man's jaw dropped and he was almost giddy when he saw him coming down the aisle. Santa had just enough time for each of the kids to sit on his lap as well. So, as usual, I asked the Little man if he wanted to go tell Santa just what he wanted for Christmas. He, of course declined. Squeaker, on the other hand, wanted to head on up and yank on his beard. So, we got in line with one of his classmates, hoping peer pressure would do the trick for LM (which it did). As you can tell from the picture, Santa sure is magical--- Who woulda guessed that we would have had this reaction????

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