Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Not quite as planned

Our Christmas didn't quite go as I had hoped. Since Santa was way ahead of the game and had done his shopping quite early, there wasn't much to get ready Christmas eve... thankfully! However, we were still up to all hours at night. The Little Man has apparently picked up some virus that strikes at the stroke of midnight on December 25th. Not so good... we changed sheets and pjs multiple times, including a sleeping bag (because we were tired of changing sheets). We did about 3 loads of laundry over the course of the night, and several more during the day. I won't go into details, but let's just say that things were not staying in his little body, on either end. Fun times! So, Little Man did not get to enjoy our beautiful feast, he did not get to enjoy the billions of cookies, he did not get to enjoy Santa's bounty as a 3 year old should. He was not interested in opening gifts, but was happy to play with those that were already unwrapped or unwrapped for him. Luckily, he was in good spirits and pretty happy throughout the day, despite lacking in energy. Last nght, we only had one sheet change, so that is an improvement. Things are temporarily looking up -- so far, he slept most of the night and is asking for oatmeal and raisins. (Mommy and Daddy are only allowing crackers and a popsicle, however.) We'll see how the day goes.

And, Squeaker was WAY into opening gifts. By the end of the day, he had mastered the art of using his teeth to start the unwrapping job, and continuing with his little fingers. He was a PRO!

I hope everyone else had a better holiday! Cross your fingers that this bug leaves our house before infecting anyone else!

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Grandma West said...

OH dear ! sorry Kyson had such a hard time on Christmas Day.Hopefully he is all better by now and no one else got sick. I was in Escondido and had a very good Christmas. Sue put a few pictures on my digital frame so I would have something to see when I got home.Good to see the kids. Had a good dinner at Sues and at Melissa's.