Monday, December 17, 2007

How long will it last???

Little Man is in his bed calling, "Mommy"... and a variety of reasons follow:

  • my stars are glowing (like they do every night)
  • some noise woke me up (he wasn't asleep)
  • i need you (no you don't. you are fine)
  • i want to play (too bad, you didn't eat your dinner and threw it on the floor so you are going to bed early -- by 20 minutes)
  • i am not tired (uh, yah, you are)
  • i can't reach my water... my arm is going to break off (cute, but his water is definitely within reach)
  • there is a "7" on my clock (like there is every night when you go to bed)
  • no reason, just mommy mommy mommy mommy (ahhh, the sweet sound of mommy)

Anyway, it is fun. It has been 25 minutes or so... fun fun fun, and did I mention... fun? We turned on the washer and the dryer to drown him out. I haven't been in yet. Not because I am mean, but this is the fourth night of this... and really, we don't want a 5th. So, I guess it is mean, but it is for his own good in the long run, right? So we don't go insane around here. Um, maybe we are already there????

1 comment:

Melissa Haworth said...

3 more days worst case. These things always last a week around here (but it seems like a year at least). Hope his arm is repaired by morning ;)