Monday, December 03, 2007

Overheard at dinner

From Squeaker:

So, as a gift, our friends and Little Man's Godparents brought over a gift for the boys for Christmas. It was the best gift EVER! It is called an Elf on the Shelf and it is an elf that visits your house before the holidays to spy on the kids and report back to Santa. I am all for that. Anyway, you have to give him a name when he arrives... ours is named "Bubba". (Second choice was "Racecar Cream"... don't ask.) Anyway, Bubba hides in a different spot every day and the boys have to search around and find him. Squeaker is very fond of Bubba and looks in all the previous spots occupied by said elf, wandering from place to place and screaming "BuhBAHHHH". Very cute!

From Little Man:

I am the sixth fastest eater in the world. Squeaker is the 10th fastest.
I guess the Little Man is figuring out sequencing and numbers right now. How cute, not at all true, but cute. :)


Melissa Haworth said...

6th fastest, eh? Tell the little man congrats. That's quite an achievement

Grandma West said...

Hi, I remember when your(Kristy)Mom was in Kindergarten Her teacher had a doll that she put on the shelf and when someone was naughty or such she would( the doll) disappear for the day.
That made a big impression on her. HOW FUN FOR ALL.