Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Books on CD

We have a new passion at our house. Books on CD. "Books on CD" just doesn't have the same ring to it that "books on tape" does, but that is beside the point. So, a friend of ours came across these books at the library. After her son listened to them and loved them, she told me about them and we now have an addict in our house, too. Little Man can not ride in the car without asking for one of the CDs to play... and boy, am I glad to find out that there are over 30 of these things! I am already tired of the three that we have listened too. Anyone with preschoolers should try these out. It is a series by Mary Pope Osborne called the Magic Treehouse. They are fun adventures with a bit of suspense. Even Squeaker enjoys listening. I am not sure whether to thank our friend just yet... I do enjoy the stories, but I am not sure I can endure a 'racecar-like' obsession for these stories. It could go on forever.

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