Friday, April 25, 2008

Capital T.. I.. R.. E.. D..

You know what is more fun that losing sleep with an infant? Losing sleep with a three year old. And, you know what is more fun that THAT? Losing sleep with a three and a one year old. Yes, we are sick again. Yes, again. The Little Man has some weird eye thing going on, combined with a fast flow boogie faucet. It is a joy, a joy, I tell you. Oh, yah, and a fever for a few days now. So, this means that there is no school and no friends for him. It is so sad, but I don't think he minds. When he is not sitting in his carseat being driven all around town for mommy's errands, he is lying on the couch, with eyes barely open. I found him on the floor the other day in the fetal position. He really isn't feeling well. We went to the ophthalmologist on Tuesday, on our quest to try out all specialists in the medical field, and the results of that visit are inconclusive. The daytimes don't bother me, he is lethargic and lovey, and what could be better when you are used to an active, attention-seeking child? It is the darn nighttimes. For some reason, LM decided that he needs to yell to us in the middle of the night whenever he needs to blow his nose. I am not sure why he can't do it himself, he does it himself during the day... but, I guess he figures if he is us, we might as well be too. Oh, and this like every 1-2 hours. Fun times. And, last night, Squeaker decided to join in on the rare instances that LM was sleeping more than an hour or two. So, they had conspired against us and Mommy and Daddy are pretty sleep-deprived this morning. At least a newborn sleeps most of the day... these boys do not.

Should be a great start to our fun weekend!

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Crock Pot Mom said...

Hey Kristi,
It has been a long time since I checked in - sounds like LOTS going on ~ I pray that you all can find out what God would have you do and be blessed by the outcome. I do know that often when we finally quit waiting the answer comes...who knows?! :-)

Hope the surgeries have helped the boys ~ both my older girls had them as well and it was beneficial to sleep. I found out later (much later ~ aka: this year) that they had milk allergies which were causing most of the challenges for years, but weren't obvious enough for me to figure it out. With that change, much has changed for them in a positive way.

Hope you enjoy starting back with Lynne. If you stay around the area, I have been looking for someone to tag team with at my school (better hours to work around)...or even someone to take over my stuff for awhile while I homeschool through the middle school years -

Keep me posted on your move plans ~ I have enjoyed knowing you have not left for CA over the past few years of hoping, but I know you have been praying to go -

Bless you, Christie