Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Busy 2008

We started off the year with a bang.  Ga-Mommy arrived in from CA on New Year's Morning.  The Little Man was up bright and early (6:30 am) and wandered out into the living room, found the flashlight, and started scanning the room for trouble.  We hurried him back to his bed until there was a match*, then tried to resume our sleep.  Ga-Mommy had arrived at 5:30 that morning so we were hoping she could get a little more sleep before being bombarded by two wild things.  That lasted for an hour, at most. Uncle Sean arrived the next day and that was the last relaxing day on their visit.  Uncle Sean is applying to colleges and wanted to visit a couple while he was here.  Here is our 4 day itinerary:

Thursday:  LM had preschool.  We fed Squeaker, loaded up the car, and picked up LM on our way to visit UPenn.   It is about a 3 hour drive.  And, we forgot to bring a warm jacket for Squeaker, so a random stop at a mall in Delaware to buy a snowsuit made the trip a bit longer. We toured the deserted campus (it is winter break, no students) and ate dinner, then hopped back in the car for a trip back home.  Quick visit and extremely cold.  I think the high in Philadelphia was 25 degrees that day. brrrrrr

Friday: Decided that LM and Squeaker needed a break so we went to the grocery store and took naps while Daddy, Ga-Mommy, and Uncle Sean headed into DC to visit the Spy Museum and the Building Museum.  They enjoyed themselves.  

Saturday: We piled back in the car for a trip down to UVA.  We met Grandma and Grandpa C. at the Boar's Head Inn for brunch (soooo delicious), then walked around campus in the warm(ish) weather... high was 56... better than 25 for sure!  We ate at the Downtown Mall and then headed back home.

Sunday: Had the family Christmas portrait taken (a bit late) and decided to have Ga-Mommy take a shot with her grandsons for fun.  Then, we played airport shuttle so Uncle Sean and Ga-Mommy could head back home for some peace and quiet. 

The house was so quiet yesterday (Monday) without the extra adults around.  The Little Man asks if he can go visit his "friends" (that would be Ga-Mommy and Uncle Sean) soon.  We'll have to plan our next trip out to CA, I guess.  

Oh, the weather was gorgeous yesterday and today.  I took the boys to the coolest park ever.  They had a great time, but I was exhausted.  We met some friends there, and without them, I am certain that one or both of my boys would have found other families to go home with before I found them... the place was HUGE!  Quite challenging to keep track of two (quick) little boys. It was an exhausting trip but how often do you get 70 degree days in the middle of winter???  In Virginia, that is...?

Today started the onslaught of doctor visits for our family.  Squeaker had a follow up for his GI issues.  We are weaning him from his medicine and hope that he is able to manage all his bodily functions on his own when we are done.  :)  Little Man had a visit with a pediatric surgeon to discuss his potential hernia.  As it turns out, he has what they call, hydrocele.  It is a precursor to a hernia.  So, we are going to schedule an outpatient surgery in the near future.  

Okay, off to get the kids to bed.  Long post, but that is what I get for not posting in a week!!!  

*Little Man is not supposed to get out of bed until his clock matches the "7" taped on the inside of his bed rail.  We have the minutes blocked out on his clock so he is allowed to get up at 7:00 am, no earlier! :)

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Grandma West said...

WOW ! sounds like you had an eventful and great week. Ga-Mommy says she had a good time. sounds like there are a few issues to take care of soon. I think about you all all the time and wish you a good or even better than that 2008. LOVE