Saturday, January 26, 2008

Of all the dumb ideas...

...this one might be the dumbest!  So, after some back and forth on the topic, the decision was made to put the boys in the same room.  I won't bore you with the details, but in the end, we thought it was the best plan.  We need more space and since it appears that we won't be moving any time soon, we are making our own space.  So, Squeaker moved into Little Man's room today.  We rearranged the room to accommodate a crib and wha-la, looks like we can fit another kid... um, but we won't be any time soon :). 

So, just past naptime, to ensure both kids were tired, we set them both down for a long winter's nap.  LM decided it would be fun to rile Squeaker up, so they both fed off each other for about an hour and a half.  Then, we came up with the great idea to put Squeaker down first, keep LM up until he was asleep... which ended up being all of 5 minutes.  Then, after a buffer of about 5 minutes, we allowed LM to head back to his bed to rest his weary eyes. After about 30 seconds, we hear, "Squeaker, wake up... hey Squeaker... Squeeeeeaaaaakeeeerrrrrrr."  So, we hurriedly went to the room to nip that one.  After about 30 minutes of listening to bouncing, talking (not too quietly) and all sorts of random noises coming from LM, we hauled him outta there and into the living room.  Unfortunately, we didn't think it would take 2 hours (plus) for them to both go to sleep so we had no back-up back-up plan.  Daddy was going to take LM on an errand with him, but LM refused to get dressed, so his only other choice was to go to sleep, since it was naptime and not playtime.  So, 2.5 hours later, they are both asleep, and all we accomplished was switching the boys' rooms.  LM is sound asleep in the sleeping bag on the floor of Squeaker's room.  Hmmm... wonder how tonight will go?

I think we are going to try to put the Little Man to sleep first, then Squeaker and see how it goes.  This whole experience is very reminiscent of camping with the boys over the summer... in one tent and no room divider.

Oooo, that is another idea... a room divider.  That should be easy to make, right?  That will be our back up plan.  Now we just need to think of a back-up back-up plan, as it appears that our boys are too smart for us.

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Grandma West said...

Well it seems like yu have all good ideas they just don't always work. Maybe the room divider would work. So you lose another night Oh gosh!!!