Monday, January 21, 2008

I love my boys

You have to check out this comment Daddy left earlier... while I am away.

And these pictures from playing without Mommy.


farFromMommy said...

A conversation I forgot to add:

Little Man: (staring at the television, completely engrossed)
Daddy: (Frantically looking for the thermometer he just misplaced, needing to check on Squeaker's high fever) "Little Man, can you help me find the thermometer? Do you see it anywhere?"
Little Man: (as still as a statue, eyes glued to the television) "Nope, I just don't see it anywhere"
Daddy: (noteToSelf) Hunh, so, that's what women complain about

farfrommommy said...

The Sheet Monster Experiment

Day 3 results
Daddy's visual inspection: the sheets and blankets are pristine
Little Man's visual inspection: (as still as a statue, eyes glued to the television) "Yes daddy, it looks pristine"

Oooh, ladies and gentleman, that's a serious blow for mommy - even with the poorly chosen third party, unbiased visual inspector.

(note - these results are time delayed due to blackout restrictions in your area)

ga-mommy said...

You should check mommy's suitcase for the sheet monster. I think she took it with her to avoid extra work for daddy.