Monday, January 21, 2008

Girl Weekend - Day 2

Day 2 is a Sunday, so most places we wanted to visit weren't open until 11am or 12 noon.  That gave us plenty of time to sleep (or read, as my case may be), find breakfast, and still get in a shop/wander-fest before the wine reception at 5.  We started out in search of breakfast with no particular restaurant in mind.  Today's destinations included the Fiber District and the Pearl District. Both of which were walkable from the hotel, so we headed out.  Along the way, in the Pearl District, we came across Everett Street Bistro.  It was a jazzy bistro indeed.  Our food was beautiful and delicious, however it would appear that if you aren't a big fan of runny eggs, do not order the breakfast panini.  And, even if you do like them, pull your hair back and drape yourself in napkins.  The mocha they brought me was almost too beautiful to consume, but the caffeine draw was inevitable.

After breakfast, it was time to head out in search of some fun places to shop.  First we hit the Pearl District.  There we found so many adorable little shops.  Very fun to walk around aimlessly and see what you come across.  

Next stop, Fiber District.  Small area of town which includes a handful of fabric, needlepoint, and other craft related shops. Along the way, I found a street vendor selling crepes and as I was not at all hungry from our very yummy breakfast, I decided that I also needed a nutella and strawberry crepe --yummmm...  

And, as we were ahead of 'schedule' for those without a schedule, we were able to take the streetcar to NW 23rd to walk around and consume the best pizza-by-the slice I have ever had.  We made it back to the hotel in time for wine and conversing with fellow hotel patrons and watching the most adorable little two year old girl EVER.  After wine, we headed to Powell's bookstore before I felt the need to turn in early (but not as early as yesterday).  Arriving back at the hotel,  I felt the need to finish my almost completed book so that I could start my recent purchase (recommended by a friend) on Monday. 


FarFromMommy said...

For some light entertainment... perhaps after you've enjoyed your lovely wine reception, ahem :-), some select banter exchanged among the boys since you've been gone:

Little Man: (6am - about an hour before he is supposed to get up) "Daaaaddy, Daaaaddy"
Daddy: (6am - about 4 hours before he is supposed to get up) "You need to stay in bed until 7"
Little Man: "Um, actually, I asked mommy if I could get up at 6, and she said 'Hmmm, yes, I think that would be alright'"
Daddy:(noteToSelf)I may be in over my head

Little Man: (While walking past Victoria's Secret in the mall) (yelling) "Look, daddy, there's where we got mommy panties!"
Daddy:(noteToSelf)No more trips to VS with Little Man

Daddy: "Excuse me, I need to unlock the closet door to get out the Vacuum"
Little Man: "Oh, don't worry, I can unlock it" (Little Man proceeds to unlock it with ease)
Daddy:(noteToSelf)Why is this lock even here?

Daddy: (Running down the hall after having heard a loud bang and subsequent evil laugh from Little Man) "Squeaker, what happend"
Squeaker: (Looks up at daddy with tears in his eyes, pats head with both hands, then rams head into wall)
Daddy: (noteToSelf)I need to get this kid talking

Background: (Earlier, Little Man and Daddy were pretending the dump truck was a satelite. After launching it from their spaceship, Little Man asked how it would keep moving. Daddy mentioned that a satelite moves all by itself and doesn't need any help)
Daddy: (During cleanup time - do you know where this one is going yet?) "Little man, would you use your satelite (dumptruck) to pick up all your cars and trucks and put them away"
Little: "But, you said the satelite moves all by itself and doesn't need any help"
Daddy: (noteToSelf)I am most definitely in over my head

farfrommommy said...

The Sheet Monster Experiment

Day 2 results
Daddy's visual inspection: the sheets and blankets are pristine
Little Man's visual inspection: Why do I have to "vishy expect the bed"

Ladies and gentleman... it's not looking good for mommy, but she still has 2 days left...

(note - these results are time delayed due to blackout restrictions in your area)

Grandma West said...

OH This is wonderful I love it. I just wish I was a mouse in the corner and could watch it all.

sactownkid said...

nutella and strawberry crepes are the best!!!!