Monday, January 14, 2008

Hot Dogs and Haircuts

So, on the note of 'musings'... the Little Man came out with a doozie today.  Since being sick, he has become quite familiar with the whole diarrhea thing (yes, i am officially a mommy, talking about diarrhea on a blog).  Just before nap time, he went to the potty while I was changing Squeaker's diaper.  Little Man shouts to me, "Hey, Mommy... Come here... Check this out, I did it!  It wasn't diarrhea, it was regular poopie, like a hot dog.  Isn't that cool?!"  Um, yah, cool!  I wish I was that enthusiastic about going potty.  :)

And, totally unrelated, but equally as exciting, Squeaker got his haircut this weekend.  I would have posted pictures, but it took me a while to dig the camera out from under all the junk piled in my car.  When LM got his first cut, I was so excited to do it myself.  I set him in the middle of our only non-carpeted floor (kitchen) and snipped away, for 45 minutes, procuring approximately 50 hairs to be inserted into the baby book.  Well, since then, I have decided that there is a reason that barbers open up shops around town... so kids aren't subjected to a nervous mom's haircutting episode for 45 minutes.  And, since I was pretty sure that Squeaker would be less patient than his older brother, we headed straight for Cartoon Cuts.  (Extra bonus: cartoons for big brother and lollipops for all!) 

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