Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Last Days in PDX

Here is the Day 3 recap:
An early morning jaunt back to the Fabric Depot yielded some wonderful purchases.  
And some great ideas for future sewing projects were hatched.  The MLK sale was great and we are glad we returned since we had missed like half the store the first time we visited.  Then, we headed back to the hotel where my aunt, cousin, and second cousin (??--cousin's adorable little girl) had come up from Corvallis for a short visit.  

We stopped by Voodoo doughnuts again and then back to 23rd St for some lunch and eclairs.  Then back to the hotel for wine hour.  We decided to try out the hotel restaurant for dinner then off to pack and turn in early for our early departure this morning.  So, we are off and have had a wonderful trip and are making plans for our next trip.  I can't wait to see my boys, I hope the plane trip goes quickly!

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farfrommommy said...

The Sheet Monster Experiment

Day 4 results
Daddy's visual inspection: the sheets and blankets are pristine
Little Man's visual inspection: (dancing around like a drunkard) "Daddy, do you like my new race car shadow dance?"

(The crowd gasps, a pin drops, women and children begin crying) So, there you have it. What we've brought to light here today is something truly shocking. Though these results may not be excepted by all, they are posted for all to see and interpret. I for one find them quite clear: Mommy=The Sheet Monster and The Sheet Monster=Mommy.

(note - these results are time delayed due to blackout restrictions in your area)