Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Weekend of Mixed Emotions

So, the start of our weekend was not the best. We started with one sick boy and a phone call from our realtor letting us know that the contract on our house was no longer. Fun! Luckily we were at the most wonderful resort I have ever visited with Grandma and Grandpa C, Aunt Em and Uncle Will. If you are ever in White Sulphur Springs, WV, you should totally check out the Greenbrier. It was amazing. Even if you just go in to sit in one of the millions of sitting rooms, it is a treat. A whole weekend of it was idyllic. We ate some amazingly scrumptious, decadent, and delicious food, which doesn't really describe how tasty it was. We swam in the heated outdoor pool with the mountains of West Virginia as our backdrop. We got to ride around in a golf cart while a few of us played golf (and until the littlest boys got too tired). We walked around the grounds, which were picturesque. We ate more delicious food. We played billiards, air hockey, and we bowled. And, Mommy got to indulge in a spa treatment while the boys ran off to take a carriage ride. Aunt Em and Uncle Will even went horseback riding. It was very hard to leave. All in all, I guess we could say that given the pros versus the cons of the weekend, we are still in the black, and a family vacation was a much needed and wonderful diversion. We can't wait for the next one, except we hope it is not preceded by bad news.


Anonymous said...

Well, maybe it was exactly what you guys needed - a nice weekend after that news. I'm glad you all got to be there. I didn't want to leave either. Now I sit at my desk doing work....
-Aunt Em

Anonymous said...

Ya, I can't wait for your next trip there either. Of course, you'll need a babysitter, right?