Monday, December 08, 2008

Monday Musings

I thought this regular posting of musings would be good... you know, to give me an outlet to post all the crazy things that come out of the boys' mouths during the week. I forgot, however, that my memory is like a sieve... so, it stresses me out each week to remember any of the 40 random comments made. So, this will be the last official monday musing and perhaps I'll throw in a couple here and there for good measure as I remember them in the future. :) Ridiculous, really... I mean, what else do I have to do but sit around and think of the wonderful things that come out of the boys mouths??? Hmmm... maybe I am just cranky because Squeaker teased us by going to sleep on the first try 3 times in a row and today... not so much.

Musing for today:

Dinnertime the other night
Squeaker: I want dessert.
Daddy: You have to finish your dinner first.
Squeaker: Okay. (pushing his food to GaMommy) Here, Gamommy, here is your dessert. I want dessert, Daddy.
GaMommy: No thanks.
Daddy: Um, nice try.
Squeaker: Okay. (and he finishes his dinner)

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