Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Daycare Status

So, once again, I have stuck my cute little offspring in daycare. Well, daycare/church preschool. And... I haven't even started working yet! Woo Hoo!!! Today was the first day for Squeaker. Little Man is just extending a couple of his days. So, from what the teachers tell me, they did great. From what the boys told me, it went well too. However, Little Man did not nap, so our evening was less than stellar. Squeaker was as happy as a lark this evening, so he must have slept well. And as we know, he doesn't require as much sleep, anyway.

I start working next week for a couple of weeks until the holiday break, then starting in Jan, I will be 3 days a week in the schools, and doing evaluations, until the end of the school year... if I make it that long. ;)

What I am the most excited about with this whole daycare thing, is that I don't have to put Squeaker down for a nap 3 days/week. that right there is awesome. Maybe I should work full time?!?!

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ga mommy said...

you will miss standing guard at squeaker's door for hours at naptime!