Saturday, December 06, 2008

New Strategies

So, as much as I like/love the whole 1...2...3.. Magic book/strategy, for Little Man, it just isn't right. He ALWAYS gets to 2 before stopping. It is almost like he knows he has that extra chance to do it again before getting into trouble. The idea is that it is supposed to stop behaviors (or start behaviors) by giving the child consistent responses and therefore they know what to expect every time. Well, not so much. All he has learned is that if we want him to start or stop something, we have to count. Fun times. So, we have now told him that we are no longer counting to 3. We are counting to 2. So far, it is working. He stops at 1. Give us a few months, and perhaps we'll stop at 1 and then a time out. Maybe then he'll listen. AUGH. I thought it was supposed to be easy.

New bedtime strategy for Squeaker... screaming at him to stay in your bed for goodness sakes. It doesn't work. We'll keep experimenting. ;)

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