Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Boo Boo

So, this past weekend Squeaker and I had just come home from running errands. I had to go pee, which I told him as we came in the door. So, he ran off to the bathroom and stuck his hand in the toilet. Why... well, because he is 1 and that is just a fun thing to do. Anyway, so, I told him it was yucky and washed his hands. As we were washing his hands, he leaned over too far and bumped his lip on the sink. It wasn't hard and he didn't even cry. So, I was then able to go potty, finally. It was awfully quiet as I tried to pee as fast as I could... as quiet in our house is not always a good thing. I walked out to the living room, and he comes around the corner from the kitchen repeating, "boo boo guy" and the fridge was wide open.

This is a sweet and sour packet, by the way. He has an infatuation with boo boo bunnies/ice packs. So, this was the closest he could find in a pinch. And, apparently, he is too used to having the boo boo guy on his head, eh. :)

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Melissa H said...

There's the ticket! I should have given Biscuit some sweet and sour sauce for her splinter tonight ;)