Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday Musings

LM: Why are people coming to look in our house? Do they want to play with my toys? Like my shake and go racecar, or my remote control car, or something?
Me: No, they are looking to see if they want to buy our house from us. We will keep all the toys.
LM: Oh, and if they buy it, we will move to another house.
Me: Right. So, what should we have in our new house? What will it be like?
LM: Maybe it will have some of our toys?
Me: Oh, for sure. What else would we need in our house? I mean, like a kitchen, or other rooms?
LM: Yah, a kitchen for sure, in case we get a little bit hungry. And a room for you and daddy, a room for Squeaker and a room for me.
Me: Is that it? No other rooms?
LM: Maybe a potty. We need a potty for everyone.
Me: Like 2, maybe?
LM: No, like 20. One for me, for you, for our friends like Lily and Gavin, and then, if you go potty, and it breaks, you just go to the next one. Then, if that one breaks, you go to the next one, and then the next one until they are all used. And, if they all get busted, you get more potties.
Me: That will be one big house.
LM: Yah, with a basement!

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ga mommy said...

the priorities of a 3 year old