Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

So, started back at work on Monday. Boo Woo Hoo. I am currently having mixed feelings about it. I am so glad I decided to get back into it... I love it. It is fun, engaging, and the children and their families are wonderful. BUT, I am sad to give up three days of parenting to someone else. Squeaker does love his class. Little Man will love his eventually. ;) It just makes me sad that I am no longer able to keep them home with me everyday, in our own sheltered little world.

On a side note. Keep those happy home-selling thoughts coming. I hear that people are out buying up homes these days... I am sure with some happy thoughts sent our way, some of those people will come our way. We are coming close to our 2 year anniversary (minus 6 mos when Squeaker came around)... 2 years I/we have kept this house clean... 2 years! I think we deserve some sort of medal... seriously.

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