Sunday, May 04, 2008


Yes, I am talking about you... but also, the weather. Today was as perfect of a day as we could have hoped for. I think it was more perfect because the weather people said that it was supposed to rain all morning and they were WRONG. It was just beautiful all day. We spent the morning outside watching the neighbor mow his lawn and eating popsicles, then in the backyard watering flowers and bikes with the squirt bottle. The boys got to eat lunch outside, too. After naptime, we headed to a local lake and took the boys on a bike ride. Little Man cruised along on his two wheeler (with training wheels) and Squeaker was (mostly pushed) on the trike. It was in the mid 70s and breezy - very nice and sunny. It was perfect. After bikes, Daddy had brought along the remote control race cars, so we drove them around the empty parking lot for a while before heading off to dinner. We decided to go a restaurant at the last minute, and sat outside to enjoy the weather a bit longer. The boys ate more than I have seen them eat in on sitting... ever. Squeaker ate his entire kid portion of mac and cheese and applesauce before Little Man had finished his applesauce. Apparently we starve our children. They both finished their dinners, at bread and french fries, then had dessert. Unbelievable! I hope they sleep for a long long long time!!!!!

By the way, the one thing that is not so perfect... teething. Squeaker must have asked for "Eyesh" (ice) like 5 billion times during our meal. I am sure it felt great on his molars coming through.

Now, if you wouldn't mind... cross your fingers that we are "mishap" free at daycare today. I am not going to elaborate except to say, I am tired of washing clothes and cleaning rugs (yes, it has carried over to home). ;)

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