Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Musings

What? It is still Monday, isn't it??? Come on, I know I am just squeakin' by, but I worked today and played this weekend... no time for blogging. So, this weeks choice is from Squeaker:

Little Man goes potty.
Squeaker: Yeah, Ka Ka

Little Man gets his shoes on.
Squeaker: Yeah, Ka Ka

Little Man eats a bite of his dinner.
Squeaker: Yeah, Ka Ka

Little Man plays with a toy.
Squeaker: Yeah, Ka Ka

Little Man breathes.
Squeaker: Yeah, Ka Ka

Okay, okay... so I made the last one up, but boy is this child so proud of his older brother. Do you think we give a little praise at our house??? I guess it is better than the alternative (which we do plenty of, I am sure, he just hasn't picked up on it yet)

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Crock Pot Mom said...

Was catching up to see how it was going with work and your possible move plans...sounds like the adjustment back to work has been tough on all ~ hang in there!! I totally get it!!

Hope you have figured out the food/rest cycle with the boys. I always figured that they didn't need dinner if they ate a lot all day and weren't complaining at dinner time ~ just water in a bottle (for hydration and comfort) and bed. This helped them eat breakfast, which helped them be more functioning through the daycare time ~

Blessings to you ~ I will add you all to my prayers. Christie