Saturday, May 10, 2008

Starving Child

Not that you could tell from any pictures, but apparently I am starving my child. Poor Squeaker -- So sad, how DARE we make some delicious blueberry pancakes! How D A R E we!!! He has never been one to eat a big breakfast, and sometimes he would prefer not to eat at all. Lunchtime, when we are home, is okay, as long as it is early enough so he isn't tired. He is so tired when we come home from daycare, he barely eats dinner. So... lately, we have been soooooooo hungry. Squeaker wakes up at all hours (5:30 the other morning, aughhh) asking for a bottle or to "peeessss... eeeeet" (please eat). Poor thing! What can I do? He is exhausted, hungry and we are still trying to figure it out. We are having a hard time getting him to bed early enough. We come home from daycare around 5:45, eat dinner, get jammies on, bottle and bed. He is usually in bed by 7. We aim for 6:30. No time for bath, no time for playing. Just down to business. Then, like I said, there is not much interest in breakfast - unless he has hit his breaking point and is starving, then he will eat a handful of cereal and a piece of fruit - just enough to take the edge off. I am not sure how much he actually eats at daycare. They serve snacks and breakfast and lunch. So, how do I figure this one out??? We have tried frequent snacks, bigger meals, adding bottles, taking away bottles. But, so far, no luck. The only other thing we want to try, but have been unsuccessful with is more sleep. He definitely needs it, but can't seem to get it on his current schedule. So, this weekend, we are going to feed him protein shakes, and carbo load him every night before bed... kidding... for now...

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