Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Scream, you scream, we all scream

So, apparently we have some stealth-like children. I knew Little Man was quite sneaky and often moves around undetected... ninja-like, you might say. It now comes to our attention that Squeaker is following in his footsteps. Here is the evidence, secondhand, as Daddy was the one who caught them in the act:

Little Man was up from 4am on with 'issues' -- you know, potty, coughing, water, bad dream, etc, etc, etc... Finally, at just before 6am, all was quiet. Then, approximately 15 minutes later, we heard the pitter patter of little feet followed by a bounding dog. A few minutes later, Little Man comes in to the room and announces that he fed Charlie just the right amount. "great" we say and shoo him off to bed to be quiet until it was time to get up. The next thing we heard was about 30 minutes later... we heard the squeak of the bar stool across the tile in the kitchen. Assuming it was Little Man, Daddy went out to find out what he was up to.

Daddy entered the kitchen to find both boys, sharing a bar stool, Little Man with the half gallon of orange sherbet/chocolate chip ice cream and a spoon; and Squeaker with the lid of the ice cream tub, ice cream scooped out on top, and he is eating it with his hands. That is good looking out for your lil' bro, eh?
Daddy, quite surprised, takes it away... forgetting to take a picture (much to mommy's dismay). I am sure I would have died had I been the one to walk in on that. Unbelievable!!! Kids are amazing. And, Little Man assured Daddy it was just a snack and that he would have no problem eating his breakfast.

Oh yah, and I forgot that Little Man also announced that he fed Charlie a handful of jelly belly flops... oh, and he ate some too. Nice.

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