Friday, April 10, 2009


It is spring break around here, so the boys and I headed up to Sacramento to visit my friend and her family. Sorry for the absence. :) We are now home and almost recovered. Here are a few highlights:

- 9 hours of driving (each way) with two amazingly wonderful passengers. They were amazing! They did not sit next to each other, which helped, but played nicely by themselves, slept, ate, and listened to the radio/audiobooks the whole way. I almost want to say that this was the best part of the trip, but it wasn't, so perhaps it was just the biggest surprise. I didn't have big expectations for the driving portion of our trip, especially since I was going solo.

- It is so good to get to visit with friends in person, instead of over the phone or email. I will admit that I was quite exhausted about half the time I was there, but just being there with our friends was awesome. We all get a long so well and the kids were playing together like they had been doing it for years (of course they are only a few years old, but still). It was a good visit.

- It is reassuring to know that I am able to handle the boys on my own for such an adventure, while pregnant, although it would have been WAY better to have Daddy around. I know the boys missed him, as did I, and he would have loved just hanging out with us all. Too bad someone has to pay the bills.

- I thought 3 was bad, but I am thinking 4 might just be a little worse. Part of the problem is personality, part is this "blossoming" independence (squash squash... j/k) we are experiencing, and part is the male-ness shining through. This particular 4 year old has a mind of his own, is quite intense when playing/sitting/moving/anything, and does. not. listen. Seriously, he won't follow a direction (like put on your shoes so we can go play) without it being yelled at him. I have decided to do away with counting (1..2..3.. magic -- uh, not so magical for us) because he, unlike most kids, waits for 2 to act - and we have been doing this for over 2 years and are fairly consistent. aughh... so, yelling has become the temporary solution until I think of something more nurturing, loving, and appropriate. I need a bit more sleep first.

- On our quick jaunt (about 5 days), we went to the railroad museum, jelly belly factory, visited friend's parents, the playground, the nature center for a hike and picnic, played in the backyard, and made ice cream. There were no regrets, except for the lack of sleep on about half of the days. ah well, such is life. can't have it all, right???

- Daddy asked if I would do it again, and I think I would. I had a great time, but I would much prefer if he came along. We missed him and are definitely glad to be home.

Hope you had a good week, too!

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Melissa H said...

Thanks for coming! We'd love to see J next time but I'm thinking we're due for a trip your way this summer.

Glad the drive home went well.