Friday, April 17, 2009

Too Tired and Achy

Not sure how to spell achy, but my back is not happy with this big ole belly of mine. Sorry back, I promise to be more diligent in strengthening my tummy muscles prior to any future pregnancies.

So, I expect that I will go in phases, but for the moment, I can't imagine how I will make it 2 more months in my current state. Here is my dilemma:

My back hurts around 4pm and I can't sit for longer than 5 minutes in an upright position
I can wear a maternity support belt which gives me an additional 2 hours, so I make it to 6pm.
My kids need a mommy until 7pm, so neither option is ideal.
The maternity support belt makes me break out in a rash. :( Itchy allergic rash. :(

So, my solution is to sit on my heiny from 4pm on, or until I am roused by needy offspring. I do nothing in the evenings and even typing on the computer is challenging from a side-lying position.

Complain complain complain.


So, I am super excited about this weekend's weather forecast -- woo hoo, it is like summer! I am thinking that if I can't make it too long without support, I might as well lounge around at the beach while the boys dig a hole to China in the sand. I am guessing the rest of the county will have the same idea, but we'll see if we can beat the rush on Sunday.

On another note, we almost put an offer on another house. Unfortunately, we discovered that the fees in this neighborhood range from $300-500/month -- come on, seriously?! oh yes. We were shocked. It is like having another car payment added to your mortgage -- uh, we can't afford both right now, thanks. So, we keep searching. Good news is that fewer foreclosures are coming up and more people testing the waters and listing their homes. This means fewer trashed homes, and fewer cheap homes, too. It really is fun house-hunting though. I hope our realtor doesn't kick us to the curb.

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