Saturday, October 10, 2009

Busy Weekends Begin

It seems that our weekends have started to fill up. Thus begins that stage in our lives when our weekends are full of fun and adventure, planned and executed according to our calendar. This morning we are dividing and conquering. The two boys are off to the movies with GaMommy, I am off to work, and Daddy has some yard work to do. We have a few weeks before we are inviting people over to celebrate LM's birthday, people we hardly know. People I am not quite sure I want to see the disaster that is our home.... yet. :)

I have so many errands to run, and after last nights "quick" grocery store trip with the three kids... I have decided to wait until I am sans kids (or at least some kids) to finish up those errands. Our purpose was to get out of our clean house to go gets some beer for our game night with some friends. Little Lady was tired and needed a nap, Squeaker did not nap despite our best efforts, and Little Man did not nap long enough and was way too excited about his friends joining us for the evening. All I needed was beer. I hauled the three kids into the store with nice gentle reminders to walk nicely in the store and stay with me. Little Man was half walking half running ahead to get in and get out. Squeaker was walking with his eyes looking everywhere but in front of him and I am pretty sure he walked into every single shopper and their cart in the entire store. Little Lady cried the whole time and even the cashier tried to coo at her to no avail. Ahhh... the glamorous life of parenthood... and I looked like a such a lush just going in for beer with my 3 kids -- Why yes, I did need it that badly. :) Funny thing is, it seemed like a good idea at the time - silly me. I was about ready to open up a bottle in the checkout line, and I don't even drink beer!!!!

Boy, that was a tangent. Anyhow, working on the weekend is a nice escape, extra moolah, and it means we are off and running every Saturday! Let the games begin!

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