Saturday, October 17, 2009

What to do for our Wild Things....

So, should we see the movie or not??? My source tells me that it might be a bit scary and difficult to follow for my boys. I read some reviews and saw more about the "scary" parts and it seems that it may indeed be a tad scary... especially for our Little Man. I am not quite sure I want to forgo the movie however, because it talks about being angry and frustrated and that is EXACTLY what we are dealing with at home! It might be a great teaching tool. Or maybe I want to see it enough that I am willing to scare my kids??? The movie is part of our birthday celebration for Squeaker. I don't think he'll get scared. He does quite well with scary things... at least, much better than his brother*. If you have seen it, and read this before we go tomorrow morning and want to talk me out of it, now is your chance!

*examples of "scary" movies for LM: Tale of Despereaux, Great Mouse Detective, Land Before Time, Toy Story 2, Lion King, Snow White, Sled Dogs... "scary" most often means "nervous" and he doesn't handle "nervous" well.

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