Saturday, October 31, 2009


That's the way we spell "a big huge no longer a baby and quite grown up" kid. Holy cow, he's old. Little Man turns 5 years old today. We are so excited for him. Five seems like such a big age to me. No real reason why, I suppose. But a kid through and through.

Well, this is a fun way to start out your birthday, eh? Yah, for some reason, some call it asthma, a small cold turns into this. But no worries, we have so much planned for today that the albuterol might actually benefit us in the long run -- nothing like jazzing a kid up on his birthday, with a party and halloween with trick or treating. We will hopefully crash tonight without as much as peep.

Little Man has come into his own this year. He has started to read, learned to ride a bike, started kindergarten, is very imaginative, loves to climb, loves his little sister and brother, curious about EVERYTHING, has quite the ability to reason and problem solve (sometimes to his parents' dismay). He is more than ready to play sports (or something simliar). He loves all things "boy" - superheros, star wars, robin hood, and the list goes on. Everything is "AWESOME".

.... and now, I have a party to get together and also have to head to work for a bit, so the rest will have to wait.

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