Friday, October 23, 2009


- Little Lady stopped her blissful sleeping through the night thing in lieu of waking every 2 hours at night since she is not eating during the day. Also, does not eat when I am at work -- not unhappy, just holds out for the "real thing". Smart cookie, that one!

- Squeaker is THREE and is doing quite well. He is a bundle and a half of energy and we are happy when he does not nap because going to bed in the evening is soooo easy that way. At preschool, he is a different kid and not in a bad way, just in a non-squeaker way. We are working on that.

- Little Man is anxious for his birthday and exhibiting every negative behavior seen at school, on tv, or whatever he can come up with. It is exhausting! We are considering a trade or checking on our return policy for this one. On the other hand, he is exuberant and eager to learn and loves school and really really really wants to do karate now that we forced him to take an introductory lesson.

- I am doing okay. This month I have found has filled up very quickly and I can't believe how little time I have to sit on my couch eating bon bons. It is the beginning of the tend as my mom points out. The beginning of a crazy "go here go there" life. I am in the midst of preparing for the big birthday/halloween bash and also getting my ducks in a row for adding on another day at work. All this excitement leaves the house a total disaster so I am also trying to figure out how to fix that little problem. ;)

Once I upload some birthday prep pictures, I will post... limited time at the computer these days.

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