Monday, October 05, 2009

Fall is here

Finally. and Suddenly. We went from 90 degree weather to 65 degrees. Crazy! But, it is nice, since it is October after all. And, you know what I don't miss -- raking leaves. I am sooooo glad we are in California this fall. Last fall was all new and exciting, but now that we are mostly settled in, I am really appreciating those hours a day spent raking in years past. And, yet, amazingly, I have no free time. It doesn't help that I am completely exhausted. My dear LL is sick. Snotty sick. So, sleeping in the horizontal position leads to several wakeups a night due to the inability to breathe comfortably through that tiny little nose. We are great friends, the 'boogie-sucker' and I. :)

Hopefully the next few days will allow us to catch up on some much needed sleep and perhaps then give me back some brain cells so I can keep up with this blog!

Looking forward, I see lots of party, halloween and birthday prep going on. Perhaps you can help? First order of business, finding a cute birthday/halloween party invitation to copy. My favorite right now is making a mummy by wrapping the card in gauze. I am sure there are more creative ideas out there, but as mentioned above, lacking brain power at the moment. ;)

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