Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stressing everyone out

I have officially turned in my title of awesome mommy as of 7am this morning and replaced it with evil caregiver. Bad morning in the parenting front. That is what happens when the 4 year old wakes up at 5:45 and you don't get much sleep because you are stressed about buying a house (or two). So glad LM went to school today or I might have just left him outside all day to fend for himself. Hey, there are avocados and oranges to eat, who needs more than that?

And, I have complicated the home buying decision and Daddy is not super thrilled with that. I hope that everything works out okay, but in the meantime, stress stress fret fret and stress more until we come to some sort of decision and we all get some much needed sleep.

On the lighter side of things, yeh, we found 2 houses we liked. at the same time. Should I mention that we have been looking for about 6 months and now we have found TWO in one week. Life sure has a funny way of 'happening' to us. Must be time to move, eh. :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We might have bought a house. Woo hoo. Keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, April 27, 2009

House Update

None. Still Looking. Not discouraged, and still hopeful. Waiting for the perfect house seems impossible, so perhaps we need to adjust our search criteria??? Naw, let's just wait and remain hopeful that our dream house will come along (oh, and within our budget). We are enjoying living with GaMommy, and the saving money thing. I wonder how everyone is going to feel once our little bundle of joy arrives?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Almost May

At the end of April, we are withdrawing Squeaker from daycare, and I will be cutting my work days down to 1 full day and 1+ partial days/week. I am hoping that he stops getting sick, and having that extra money in hand will be nice. I won't be working in June, as the school year comes to a close... and, I will be really, really fat by then. As such, starting June 1st, I will have both boys home to drive me crazy until the baby is born. I am excited to have time for them to get used to being at home together all day before the baby's arrival. I am also excited to get to spend time with them before I have to divert much of my attention to a wee little thing. I am not excited that I will be 9 mos pregnant and it will be warm and I will be uncomfortable, and just want this baby O.U.T. But, we can't have it all, right?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baby Girl Names

Okay, last chance to offer suggestions for our baby girl. I am getting antsy to name her, and though there are several that I am quite fond of, none are "the one". I am sure in the next couple months, at least one will grow on me enough to be "the one", but I am always open to suggestions. As I don't use my kids names on this site, it might be hard to read what our preferences are, but here is a good idea of things we like:

Easy to read, sounds like it looks
unusual/different (no Michelle, Mary, or Karen)
unpopular names (no Ava/eva/emma, lily, or madison)

One of the names for my 2 year old, that we did not use, was "Breckin", for example.

I guess that is all the essential criteria. We appear to be gravitating toward names that end in "-ey, or -y" but not intentionally. I guess they just seem girly. My husband likes the names Aurelia and Annika, but those sound too exotic/foreign for our very English last name -- We are not a bit exotic or foreign either. :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

3rd time is a charm... right

So, Squeaker has been diagnosed with strep throat for the 3rd time... in the last month... and so, obviously we are a little confused. We all got tested to see if we are carrying those nasty germs around, I cleaned all our toys, I asked at school (both boys' schools) if anyone else had it, and I have changed his toothbrush like 6 times. So, now what? What happens if he gets it again? I mean, come on, there is something going on! Is it a super-bug that just won't die with all the antibiotics, is he just resistent to all antibiotics after all his ear infections last year, is he an unusually mouthy child? What up, germs? The pediatrician suggested that he get another culture after he completes this round of drugs. And, if that comes back positive, we head to the ENT. Um, great... more tonsil troubles. I am guessing that we are going to have spent all our money from our health care spending account by the end of June. Fun tims. So, I am crossing my fingers and toes, arms and legs and hoping that third time is a charm with these germs!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Too Tired and Achy

Not sure how to spell achy, but my back is not happy with this big ole belly of mine. Sorry back, I promise to be more diligent in strengthening my tummy muscles prior to any future pregnancies.

So, I expect that I will go in phases, but for the moment, I can't imagine how I will make it 2 more months in my current state. Here is my dilemma:

My back hurts around 4pm and I can't sit for longer than 5 minutes in an upright position
I can wear a maternity support belt which gives me an additional 2 hours, so I make it to 6pm.
My kids need a mommy until 7pm, so neither option is ideal.
The maternity support belt makes me break out in a rash. :( Itchy allergic rash. :(

So, my solution is to sit on my heiny from 4pm on, or until I am roused by needy offspring. I do nothing in the evenings and even typing on the computer is challenging from a side-lying position.

Complain complain complain.


So, I am super excited about this weekend's weather forecast -- woo hoo, it is like summer! I am thinking that if I can't make it too long without support, I might as well lounge around at the beach while the boys dig a hole to China in the sand. I am guessing the rest of the county will have the same idea, but we'll see if we can beat the rush on Sunday.

On another note, we almost put an offer on another house. Unfortunately, we discovered that the fees in this neighborhood range from $300-500/month -- come on, seriously?! oh yes. We were shocked. It is like having another car payment added to your mortgage -- uh, we can't afford both right now, thanks. So, we keep searching. Good news is that fewer foreclosures are coming up and more people testing the waters and listing their homes. This means fewer trashed homes, and fewer cheap homes, too. It really is fun house-hunting though. I hope our realtor doesn't kick us to the curb.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Scream, you scream, we all scream

So, apparently we have some stealth-like children. I knew Little Man was quite sneaky and often moves around undetected... ninja-like, you might say. It now comes to our attention that Squeaker is following in his footsteps. Here is the evidence, secondhand, as Daddy was the one who caught them in the act:

Little Man was up from 4am on with 'issues' -- you know, potty, coughing, water, bad dream, etc, etc, etc... Finally, at just before 6am, all was quiet. Then, approximately 15 minutes later, we heard the pitter patter of little feet followed by a bounding dog. A few minutes later, Little Man comes in to the room and announces that he fed Charlie just the right amount. "great" we say and shoo him off to bed to be quiet until it was time to get up. The next thing we heard was about 30 minutes later... we heard the squeak of the bar stool across the tile in the kitchen. Assuming it was Little Man, Daddy went out to find out what he was up to.

Daddy entered the kitchen to find both boys, sharing a bar stool, Little Man with the half gallon of orange sherbet/chocolate chip ice cream and a spoon; and Squeaker with the lid of the ice cream tub, ice cream scooped out on top, and he is eating it with his hands. That is good looking out for your lil' bro, eh?
Daddy, quite surprised, takes it away... forgetting to take a picture (much to mommy's dismay). I am sure I would have died had I been the one to walk in on that. Unbelievable!!! Kids are amazing. And, Little Man assured Daddy it was just a snack and that he would have no problem eating his breakfast.

Oh yah, and I forgot that Little Man also announced that he fed Charlie a handful of jelly belly flops... oh, and he ate some too. Nice.

Friday, April 10, 2009


It is spring break around here, so the boys and I headed up to Sacramento to visit my friend and her family. Sorry for the absence. :) We are now home and almost recovered. Here are a few highlights:

- 9 hours of driving (each way) with two amazingly wonderful passengers. They were amazing! They did not sit next to each other, which helped, but played nicely by themselves, slept, ate, and listened to the radio/audiobooks the whole way. I almost want to say that this was the best part of the trip, but it wasn't, so perhaps it was just the biggest surprise. I didn't have big expectations for the driving portion of our trip, especially since I was going solo.

- It is so good to get to visit with friends in person, instead of over the phone or email. I will admit that I was quite exhausted about half the time I was there, but just being there with our friends was awesome. We all get a long so well and the kids were playing together like they had been doing it for years (of course they are only a few years old, but still). It was a good visit.

- It is reassuring to know that I am able to handle the boys on my own for such an adventure, while pregnant, although it would have been WAY better to have Daddy around. I know the boys missed him, as did I, and he would have loved just hanging out with us all. Too bad someone has to pay the bills.

- I thought 3 was bad, but I am thinking 4 might just be a little worse. Part of the problem is personality, part is this "blossoming" independence (squash squash... j/k) we are experiencing, and part is the male-ness shining through. This particular 4 year old has a mind of his own, is quite intense when playing/sitting/moving/anything, and does. not. listen. Seriously, he won't follow a direction (like put on your shoes so we can go play) without it being yelled at him. I have decided to do away with counting (1..2..3.. magic -- uh, not so magical for us) because he, unlike most kids, waits for 2 to act - and we have been doing this for over 2 years and are fairly consistent. aughh... so, yelling has become the temporary solution until I think of something more nurturing, loving, and appropriate. I need a bit more sleep first.

- On our quick jaunt (about 5 days), we went to the railroad museum, jelly belly factory, visited friend's parents, the playground, the nature center for a hike and picnic, played in the backyard, and made ice cream. There were no regrets, except for the lack of sleep on about half of the days. ah well, such is life. can't have it all, right???

- Daddy asked if I would do it again, and I think I would. I had a great time, but I would much prefer if he came along. We missed him and are definitely glad to be home.

Hope you had a good week, too!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Well, after waiting for several days, we finally heard about the house. The owners provided us (and several other potential buyers) a counter offer, which we did not respond to... in essence, letting the counter offer expire. We LOVE LOVE LOVE the interior of the house. We LIKE the neighborhood. We SORTA LIKE the location. So, we decided that since we can't change the latter two items, we should just wait and hope that we don't kick ourselves 5 months from now and wish that we had accepted their counter. Apparently, many people loved this house as well and after receiving 15+ offers, they countered on more than one. I didn't even know you could do that... I guess you can. Hmmm... some 'buyer's market' we are in. Anyhow, it was a great house but we don't regret our decision... yet. Everyone cross your fingers we find something even better. pleeeaaaassseeee!

Also, sick Squeaker makes for more fun times in the house, and I am hoping that we get at least a partial night's sleep, since we didn't even get that last night. He is not a good sickie. And, I hope that he gets well ASAP as I am a nutty girl and am leaving Saturday with the boys to drive up to Sacramento to visit my best friend and her family. So, tonight's decision may be whether or not it is a good idea to stay up with a sick child or get enough sleep to make it through the next week and a half in a somewhat sane state. I am thinking Daddy gets midnight detail tonight. :) Hey, I am pregnant!