Friday, August 17, 2007

All better, almost

Squeaker is feeling better -- during the day. At night, however, he turns into this horrible, irrational, screaming, crazy baby... a couple times a night. Since he is not eating much during the day, like he forgot how to eat solids while being sick, I have been giving him the benefit of the doubt and letting him nurse at night. He may think this is great, but I, on the other hand, do not! After this weekend (we are off to visit Grandma and Grandpa), something is going to change. Do you hear that, Squeaker? Change! If it involves a screamfest for 3 nights straight so that the Little Man gets so little sleep he turns into a monster, I. Don't. CARE! Mommy is tired, tired leads to cranky, and cranky leads yelling and yelling is no fun! At 10 mos old, you should sleep through the night regularly... not just when you feel like it.... got it!?

You can read more next week on how mommy got suckered in and failed miserably at her attempt to get rest.

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Grandma West said...

Hi ! OH dear I'm so sorry that sqeeker is having such a bad time. I'm praying for better timesHANG IN THERE FOLKS.!!!