Saturday, August 11, 2007


But, why? Why, Mommy? Why? Why? Why?

So, we are fully immersed in the "why" stage. Holy cow, it just hit us like a mac truck. One day, the Little Man decided it would be fun to stick a 'why' after everything I say. Ga-mommy suggested a clever retort... but now we get that repeated back to us - not only when we don't answer him (he answers for us), but when we use the word 'why' as well. For example:

Me: Why did you throw that piece of bread?
LM: Because why is a crooked letter.


LM: why, why, why, why mommy, why?
Me: (silence - ignoring)
LM: Cuz why is a crooked letter?
Me: I suppose so.

Speaking of "supposing so", at dinner today, I asked the Little Man if he was so hungry because he ate his dinner so quickly. His response... "I suppose so, Mommy."

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Grandma West said...

I love all these stories-- reminds me so much of my girls and then you too WHY?