Wednesday, August 08, 2007

No walking yet

So, I am not holding my breath for the walking. The lack of interest is amazing. :) If I had to venture a guess, it is too much work. Why focus my energy on walking, when I have to crawl so fast to keep up with my brother already. So, since the Squeaker has decided to wait on the walking (which is fine except that he really enjoys being upright and will not sit when you set him down on the floor... he wants to stand) he has modified his crawl to be a pseudo-walk-crawl thing. It gives him more maneuverability and some amount of verticalness. It is a sort of bear crawl, walk, regular crawl, tripod type thing. Very amusing to watch. And, once I figure out how to get video onto my new computer (which is probably not difficult but takes time - of which i am limited), I will post the crawl and the Squeaker saying his version of 'cracker'.

1 comment:

Grandma West said...

Sounds like squeeaker is really a procrastinator. But one day he will just take off.AND THEN YOU'LL WISH HE WAS JUST CRAWLNG!!!