Monday, August 20, 2007

It Figures

So, Friday and Saturday nights were not so good as far as sleep goes. I had decided that Sunday night would be the night we start doing whatever it was that we decided to do -- probably just let Squeaker cry (breaks my heart). He musta known something was up -- wouldn't you know it, he slept until 7:20am without waking up to eat once! I am just so very glad that he did that all on his own. I know he can do it, there just always seems to be a reason... sick, tummy ache, needs to poop, overtired, gassy, didn't eat all day (to distracted), etc. He was in good spirits Sunday, ate well (enough), took good naps, pooped, etc... so that left no reason for him to be awake last night. And, WHA LA, he wasn't. Yea, Squeaker! (Now, if it isn't asking too much, keep it going?!)

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