Thursday, August 02, 2007

Not much going on

Sorry for the lack of posting, not much has been going on. Well, I should say, nothing exciting is going on. Squeaker is so close to walking, but has not figured out that he needs to move his feet to move forward. He tries to walk by leaning forward, and then proceeds to fall down, face first. Silly boy, move those feet! :) (Not that I am in a hurry, but frustration is becoming the norm for squeaker). So, speaking of frustration, Squeaker has quite a temper. I had no idea that 9 mo old babies could throw temper tantrums... guess we missed that one with the Little Man, who was and is quite mellow.

So, update on our week:
- got a Mac and have been trying to move our important files over all week
- finished books 6 (re-read) and 7 of Harry Potter
- Squeaker needs more iron in his diet, so the doctor told us to give him vitamins... apparently they upset his stomach after much trial and error with dosage and time of day, we are now going to go without the vitamins and hope he is okay when he goes back to the doctor to check his blood next month
- vitamin intolerance and a virus have made sleeping a bit difficult. One full night's sleep in the past week - not good
- people have been coming to look at the house, but still aren't conviced they want to pay 50,000 more for ours when the 30 other homes in our neighborhood are the same, but foreclosing.
- wish we were in Santa Barbara at the beach with the family. :(
- The Little Man got into a preschool and will be going 2 mornings a week - he is SOOOOO ready! And, he tells me that he will cry a little bit at school when I leave him there with the other kids.

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halfoz said...

which Mac???? Have been looking it is my next machine. Do you like it??