Thursday, August 23, 2007

Birthday talks

LM: I want a big huge race car for my birthday.
Friend: Oh. I had my birthday. (Her birthday was in July) I had three birthdays.
LM: Oh, that's cool.
Friend: For my birthday, I got a big castle puzzle.
Friend: I will have my birthday again tomorrow. (tomorrow = July, in this case)
LM: that's cool, I am going to have my birthday, too.

-- Um... yah... Cool! :)

So, we have been talking a lot about birthdays. It is approaching "birthday season" with all the kids in playgroup and their new siblings. We have had 4 kids have their birthdays already (not all from playgroup) and have about 12 more coming up. So, with all this talk about birthdays, and gift-buying, Little Man is in a craze. He has found several things that he wants... and knows exactly who is going to purchase each of these gifts for him. I will give you a hint -- starts with a "g" and ends with "mommy". So, in the event that she decides not to shell out $300 bucks or whatever the grand total might be, I thought I would at least keep a record of his 'wants' online. This is truly a wish list. I sincerely hope that he forgets all these things by the end of October.

A water gun
A dark purple computer
A big huge race car
A remote control car
A motorcycle and motorcycle helmet
World Peace

okay, okay, I just added the last one in so he didn't sound like a completely spoiled and selfish child! :)

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