Saturday, August 04, 2007

Vertical Challenges

This is not a reference to any one's (and I am not naming names) height... it is reference to Squeakers new obsession. Climbing. Now, I am all for physical activity and stuff, but come on, stop it already. I think, if he put his mind to it, he could transfer this obsession to a more horizontal pastime - you know, walking. He is so driven, it is almost funny. I put him down in the hallway, and since the bathroom door was closed (his most favorite place of all) he bee-lined for big brother's room. He went straight toward his bed and ascended it with little difficulty. I carried him out into the hall about 10 times, and each time he bee-lined straight back to the bed for another go. Geez, give it a rest. So, now all rooms are closed up on a regular basis - the Little Man will follow up if I miss one - and that leaves no bed for climbing. Alas, since he is my child, and brilliant, he finds many other vertical surfaces to investigate:

modular storage shelf
computer armorie
buffet cabinet
window ledge
toy basket
side of a dining room chair
wall (pulling on a cord to help him up -- guess we should remove that)
kitchen cabinets

He will literally lift up his leg to search for ledge to put his cute little toes on, lift up with his amazingly strong arms, and pull until he has managed both feet off the floor. Usually, there is no where else to go but for that one step, but I am sure when his legs get longer, we are in TROUBLE. I understand we have his Uncle Will to blame for this one. :)

On a side note, we are pretty sure that Squeaker also said his first word yesterday, I will let you guess what it was - but I don't think you will get it, unless I have already told you and then that is just cheating!

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Grandma West said...

Hi- It is so nice to get caught up on the little man and squeeker.
theyare really growing up fast and I find it difficult to believe that the sqeeker is advancing so fast.