Friday, August 10, 2007

Sick Squeaker

Not sure I have much to say, other than, sick again. Seems to be that a low grade, intermittent fever combined with a snotty nose and poor appetite is a sure sign of a summer virus. Just wish it would go away - such an unhappy little guy. Crying a lot, wants to be held, not sleeping well, and just plain cranky. Oh well, it is the weekend, yaahoo. This means that at the very least I won't have to hold 22 solid lbs all day.. i might get a break every once in a while. I hope.

The Little Man has been wonderful the past couple days (after some really awful awful days - usually around not playing nicely with his friends) so that is a blessing! Hoping for more of those blessings coming up.

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Grandma West said...

So sorry that the little sqeaker is not feeling well and mommy is so tired. I wish I could relieve you for a minute or two.
Times are tough sometimes and all I can do is tell you it will be all better one day.HANG IN THERE!!!!!